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9th Rotation Theme - Clothed Human Figure

••• NO NUDES! •••

Find a friend, find a stranger - but have someone sit for you. This is best practiced LIVE as a True Observational Drawing. Grab some charcoal - pencil or stick or even vine & begin to sketch out what you see in front of you. You will find the charcoal can be very forgiving, so don't be afraid to make a mistake. Try a few quick sketches to warm up your arm - YES your whole ARM, not just your hand! have some fun with a few gestural sketches… give it a few tries before sitting for your final drawing.

Think about how you capture the figure in front of you. Are they aware of you? Is your point of view from above or slightly below them - or face to face? Think about lighting - maybe even control it a bit to give you the mystique you might be looking for or an expression you want to capture.

No matter if you are looking for the perfect reference for your sketchbook or for that perfect shot with the camera, keep the following in mind:
- Look at the things 'differently' - try a new point of view
- Think beyond the obvious & and be creative
- Always be thoughtful of your composition - PLAN your space!
- Photos and sketches should NOT be manipulated on the computer - capture creativity in what you see

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