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5th Rotation Theme - Shoe(s) or Footwear
Big shoe, little shoe, old shoe, new shoe… What kind of shoe might you capture. It sounds like a Dr Seuss book but in reality its your next photo homework & sketchbook master piece. We are back to traditional black & white mediums; such as graphite or charcoal.

Think about how you capture your footwear. Are they on someone's feet or maybe right out of the box? Is your point of view from under a giant foot step? Or maybe it's a sear little one's first step ever… Think about color, backgrounds, & lighting of course.

No matter if you are looking for the perfect reference for your sketchbook or for that perfect shot with the camera, keep the following in mind:
- Look at the things 'differently' - try a new point of view
- Think beyond the obvious & and be creative
- Always be thoughtful of your composition - PLAN your space!
- Photos and sketches should NOT be manipulated on the computer - capture creativity in what you see

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