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4th Rotation Theme - Holiday
Tis the season as many say; the holidays are upon us… But don't fret, try to think beyond the many holidays contained within this wintery season. Be creative with your choices of "Holiday" & even try to think beyond some you may already celebrate. Wether it might be a 1st birthday or a 100th anniversary celebration, chinese new year, or indian summer… be creative & look at things differently.
Look around you & your neighborhoods. Lights could be a fun challenge - candle light, festivals of lights or even christmas lights… could it be a challenge you might capture?
No matter if you are looking for the perfect reference for your sketchbook or for that perfect shot with the camera, keep the following in mind:
  • Try a new point of view, get down low or stand above & over your subject
  • Think beyond the obvious & and be creative
  • Always be thoughtful of your composition - PLAN your space! Remember you MUST utilize MARGINS in your sketchbook
  • Photos and sketches can NOT be manipulated on the computer - capture creativity in what you see
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