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10th Rotation Theme - Fill the Frame
Here, the frame refers to the edges of your photograph or the edges of the viewfinder of your camera when you are shooting. The advice to fill the frame means to get in close, to make your subject a significant portion of the final photograph.

"Photographers tend to leave too much ‘stuff’ around their subject. The viewer gets lost in the chaos and doesn’t know where to look. Less is often more."

Fill the frame encourages you, as a photographer, to really spend some time thinking about your subject and how best to feature that subject in your photograph. How can you bring forward the details or the patterns or the most critical element(s) of your subject? How does the background add to or take away from the story that you are trying to tell?
  • Get in close!
  • Make your subject a significant portion of the photograph
  • How can you bring forward the details or the patterns
  • Capture creativity in what you see
  • Think how to manipulate your space or subject matter PRIOR to pressing the button on the camera
  • Look at the things 'differently' - try a new point of view, get down low or stand above & over your subject
  • Think beyond the obvious & and be creative
  • Always be thoughtful of your composition - PLAN your space! Remember you MUST utilize MARGINS in your sketchbook
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