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Week 1 Homework
Creatively showcase who you Future Career or a Career of Interest all through the form of a collage:
  • Use anything to help VISUALLY show the details of this career
  • What makes this career unique - the good, the bad & the ugly
  • What background might you need?
  • Dreams of the possibilities of your future...
  • What are the products or services of someone in this Career
  • Majority of your collage should be imagery
  • Use images from magazines, scraps of paper, 'unique found images' - fabric, packaging, labels, patches
  • Must include the Career Name/Title with a description (visual or written)

  • If you chose to use an image of yourself such as a photograph - be CREATIVE! cut it up, divide it, marry more then one image into one… don't bore us with a poster full of 'selfies'
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