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7th Rotation Theme - Feet
Get out from the four walls of your bedroom - even though your cat looks so cute & cozy snuggled up at the foot of your bed. Man's best friend isn't the only animal out there either. Your dog is a loyal friend but doesn't need to be in every picture for this theme. Think BIG animals, remember the SMALL little animals, the zoo in the city, the farm a few miles out, even the pet store. Be creative with your choices…
No matter if you are looking for the perfect reference for your sketchbook or for that perfect shot with the camera, keep the following in mind:
  • Look at the things 'differently' - try a new point of view, get down low or stand above & over your subject
  • Think beyond the obvious & and be creative
  • Always be thoughtful of your composition - PLAN your space! Remember you MUST utilize MARGINS in your sketchbook
  • Photos and sketches can NOT be manipulated on the computer - capture creativity in what you see
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