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Newspaper Advertising

For my newspaper advertisement, I have created a restaurant called “Home Bistro”. I decided to design it seven inches tall by three column inches wide (5.75 inches). With a budget of $100, the size of this advertisement would cost $84.

3 Column Inches (5.75") wide X 7 inches high=21" X $4/column inch= $84

In the advertisement, I have included the location, phone number, website, and hours of operation. This was to inform the customer of their opportunities to visit. I also included a list of the types of items available: coffee, sandwich, soup, salad, and a bakery. I also included a coupon that says “Buy Any Soup, Salad, or Sandwich Get Large Coffee Free!” This helps entice my target audience: adults looking for a new place to eat. The design for the coupon is to have a black box with the type being in reverse. I also included a slogan that can be used to entice customers into visiting “…simply homemade!” Underneath the coupon included is a suggestion or prompt to “Ask about Catering”.

In my plan for the advertisement, I intend to included a bitmap image on the top left corner. My idea is to draw an image of a coffee cup. I think that this would give the advertisement a feeling of ease and being laid back, enticing them with food that looks, tastes, and smells homemade.

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Vocabulary for Newspaper Advertising

  • What is to be Included/Necessary
  • Column Inches (horizontal only)
  • Open Composition
  • Frame/Contain
  • Sizes/Measurements

~ NewspaperAdvertising ~
Project Sheet PDF

#605 - Design a logo (color & b/w)
#614 - Design a one color promotional (newspaper ad. &/or flyer)
#616 - Design various size Newspaper advertisements (various sizes)
#623 - Design & implement an Advertising Campaign

Utilizing Cornell Notes with class lecture & Adobe InDesign, the student will create business card designs all with the target audience of their given restaurant in mind. Each student will demonstrate an understanding for the importance of the business card as well as show concern for accuracy in both typography & measurement as well as color choices & basics of production.

Key Points & MAX Strategy:
Utilizing "Cornell Notes" as a comprehension strategy, we will use Class Lecture, demo, & hands on activities for SkillsUSA poster as a Live Job

  • Card Sizes
  • What is to be Included/Necessary
  • Specialty Cards
  • 2 sided
  • Die-cuts
  • Embossing
  • Bleeds

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