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Introduction to Product Photography

In this rotation, you will be photographing Jell-o brand Pudding or Gelatin depending on the year. This is your first commercial product shoot involving food. It is also your first 8-1/2-11 magazine ad. You will be learning the industry terms and key words utilized in designing a magazine ad.

Remember you MAY NOT eat your product!
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Project Sheet PDF

Competency: #801- Operate digital camera and accessories, #802- Compose a photograph through the lens & #803- Demonstrate use of lighting.

Project: The key to a strong product shoot is PLANNING! Think about your product, your space, your props, your color scheme your lighting, your angle of the camera… leave nothing (*Pudding must be used in a recipe for Advanced Students & their advertisement will need to include that recipe)

2nd. Year students you will later be using some of your imagery in a uniquely designed full color instructional poster. You must shoot each of the 4 Principles, with a contact sheet of your BEST 12 of each. This should total 48 CREATIVE shots - HALF of which you must 'control' in the STUDIO.

JELL-O Related Vocabulary

The End Result

  • Depth of Field
  • Tag Line
  • 8-1/2x11 Magazine Ad
  • Product
  • Drop-in
  • Clipping Path
  • Copyright
  • Web Address
  • Sub Tag Line
  • Shallow Depth of Field
  • 3rd . Party Tag Line
  • 3rd . Party
  • Logo
  • Mark
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Key Points
From Class Lecture & Reading Packet with Vocabulary
  • Exposure
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Light Meter
  • DSLR
  • White Balance
  • RAW Files
  • JPEG Files
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