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Introduction to Adobe InDesign

Please open & watch the brief video for a quick overview of the Basics of InDesign CS5. In the video you will see the start of basic Print Design. It discusses a number of the different tools that you will use when you begin designing a print document, as well as go over how to begin a project. The Tools that are discussed in this tutorial are: Selection Tool, Direct Selection Tool, Shape Tool, Type Tool among others.

For those of you that already have some experiences with InDesign here is a link of my Top 5 Favorite Features in InDesign CS5. There are certainly many more new features than you'll see here, but these are definitely among my favorites. Learn more at or

Project Sheet PDF

#704 Choose and apply appropriate typeface, #703 Manipulate type through character and paragraph formatting, #702 Identify typographic styles #503 Demonstrate basic use of page layout software - InDesign, & #605 Design a Logo

Utilizing Cornell Notes with class lecture & demonstration of Adobe InDesign, the student will first create 2 abstract designs showing their use of each tool reviewed. Next the student will reproduce the fundraiser poster provided to them with concern for accuracy in both typography & measurement. Lastly the student will creatively design their own SkillsUSA poster as a Live Job to include all of the content provided, all to the criteria detailed in the PDF.

Key Points & MAX Strategy:
From Class Lecture & Demo

  • Font Personalities - including Styles, Bold, Italic, Caps, ect
  • Spacing - Tracking, Leading & Horizontal Scale
  • Text Wrap
  • Reverse Out
  • PMS Color - Reviewing Color Scheming

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