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Summer Fun 2020 - Live Job

For this next assignment, students will need to keep in mind several aspects of the job. Remember your Target Audience - 7th, 8th & 9th grade students & their parents. The poster should express FUN & yet be an image that can work in different formats. The winning design will be printed in poster format & mailed out to all of our districts & students across all of Eastern Montgomery County. That design will also be used in web format for promotions on our website & in email blasts. In addition, some element of the wining poster design will need to be used on our annual Summer Fun T-shirt, as well as on certificates & signage for the actual event. This is a large job that brings many opportunities for some fabulous portfolio pieces!

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Key Points for This Assignment

  • 11x17 + Bleed if Relative
  • Target Audience
  • Imagery - Graphic, Illustration or Photo
  • 2 sided
  • T-shirt Design to Follow
  • Prioritize Text
  • Edits with Client

Project Sheet PDF

#617 - Design Poster (Full Color or Limited Color)
#626 - Design T-shirt

Utilizing Cornell Notes with class lecture & Adobe InDesign, the student will create business card designs all with the target audience of their given restaurant in mind. Each student will demonstrate an understanding for the importance of the business card as well as show concern for accuracy in both typography & measurement as well as color choices & basics of production.

Key Points:
Utilizing a Review Lesson of Past Class Lectures, demos, & hands on activities for Summer Fun poster as a Live Job

  • Target Audience
  • Imagery - Graphic, Illustration or Photo
  • Production Review - Document Setup, Bleeds Color Palettes
  • Typography - Review 5 Rules of Visual Communication
  • Prioritize Text
  • Edits with Client
  • T-shirt Design to Follow

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