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This rotation you will be photographing Accessories. Your client is Claire's and ICING - This means that your Accessory must be photographed for BOTH clients. Claire's target audience is directed more toward the younger teen and ICING is directed toward an older teen (Female and Male).

The theme for your graphic design assignments is "Accessorize your Style"

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#801- Operate digital camera and accessories
#802- Compose a photograph through the lens
#803- Demonstrate use of lighting.


Your client is Claire's and ICING you are required to photograph for both distinct target audiences. Below are the details for your assignment.

  • 12 Thumbnails (12 per client)
  • 48 shots per client
  • 12 Clipping paths per client
  • Props are required for one of your shoots per client
  • Model Release is required if you use a model for one of your shoots (optional)
  • Do not identify the model in your shoot
  • Cornell notes

  • Web
  • Related Magazines
  • Client Websites

You should fill out your Job Jacket according to the template provided.

Key Points & MAX Strategy:
Cornell Notes
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