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Product Photography - Selling the Scent 

Selling the Scent is not easy. You must photograph your product in such a way as to make the viewer have the sensation of smelling what your are selling. You will need the following:

  • A product that carries a scent, IE furniture polish, deodorant, soaps (shower, dish, laundry)
  • The item that is making the scent, IE orange, apple, flowers etc…
  • An environment IE bubbled, kitchen table, in front of a window, garbage pile, smelly old sneakers…
  • Props related to your product

You will be expected to start to work
INDEPENDENTLY with the start of this rotation
You will be expected to troubleshoot any problems
BEFORE coming to Mr. S
You will be expected to
PERFECTLY expose ALL imagery
You will be expected to
CORRECTLY download and catalog your images in the proper software
You ARE expected to make

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~ Product Photography - SCENT ~
MAX Vocabulary Sheet


812 - Product photography
810 - Utilize the creative process to plan, create, & capture unique commercial images to be showcased in your portfolio

In studio, photograph a product that has a scent associated with it. You must photograph the product in an environment that will help you to “sell the smell.” It is crucial that the smell is the most important part of the shoot. You must also photograph your product and it’s smells as a clipping path.

You will be required to use Photoshop to enhance the design of your final ad. If you have time, you can get started on your Ad.

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The Sub Assignment:

Out of it’s Element. Using the subject provided to you by Mr. S, Photograph on location this subject “Out of it’s element”. This means… The subject MAY NOT be photographed in the way it was intended to be used.

Photograph NO LESS than 60 handed in 3-up with 1 enlargement.

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