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The World Wide Web!

You will now be learning many techniques for DESIGNING web sites. This is NOT to be confused with web programming. Though, you will need to evaluate code, programming is not in your nature.

You will learn how to create (design) you site in Photoshop and developed in Dreamweaver which are industry standard tools. One of the trends that is FAST becoming industry standard is real-time cloud design/development using WiX.

Assignment 1 •••

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<— Click the web site to the left. Your first assignment is to re- design this website’s Front Door (Splash Page) in Adobe PhotoShop. Make sure you get familiar with the company by checking out the entire site before you get started. Print your design scale to fit.




# 524
Demonstrate basic use of Web Page design software
# 525
Design & create a Web Site

Utilizing 2 key software packages - Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver - you will develop and design a website to Industry Standards. Incorporate traditional design and NEW techniques to launch a real-time interactive web site. Tasks Include:

  1. Web Sequencing
  2. Web Mapping
  3. Design
  4. Development
  5. Launch

Key Points & MAX Strategy:
Utilizing Web Before & After and Web A-Z, we will use multiple handouts as well as current knowledge & experiences to learn current web technology and techniques.
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