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Project Sheet PDF

#503 Demonstrate basic use of page layout software - InDesign

Utilizing Cornell Notes with class lecture & demonstration of Adobe InDesign, the student will first create 2 abstract designs showing their use of each tool reviewed. Next the student will reproduce the fundraiser poster provided to them with concern for accuracy in both typography & measurement. Lastly the student will creatively design their own SkillsUSA poster as a Live Job to include all of the content provided, all to the criteria detailed in the PDF.

Key Points & MAX Strategy:
Utilizing "Cornell Notes" as a comprehension strategy, we will use Class Lecture, demo, & hands on activities for SkillsUSA poster as a Live Job

  • Selection Tool
  • Direct Select Tool
  • Type Tool & Text on a Path
  • Line Tool
  • Pencil Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Rectangle, Elipse Frame & Polygon Frame Tool
  • Rectangle, Elipse & Polygon Shape Tool
  • Color Palette
  • Character Palette
  • Stroke Palette

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