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Overview of Photography Homework
All of your photography homework assignments need to be done
with the following in mind:
  • Theme given for each Assignment
  • Creatively interpret the Theme
  • Be Creative with Composition
  • See Things in an Unique Perspective
  • MUST be Photographed OUTSIDE of class time
  • MINIMUM 24 Strong Picts
  • Contact Sheet Must be Printed 3 up
  • Your Best Image needs to be Printed as an 8 1/2 x 11 Enlargement
  • Due the Friday of your Photo Week
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Overview of Sketchbook Homework

The Commercial Art Program has a heavy focus on the traditional drawing, although drawing techniques are discussed and reviewed in class, the majority of class time needs to be used learning software applications and tools that are not readably available at home. In most cases, colleges still expect to see a minimum of 8 to 10
traditional drawing pieces. A final drawing completed traditionally, could takes as long as 6 to 8 hours if not longer, depending on the subject matter and size.

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All of your homework projects need to be done in the following format:
  • Theme given for each Assignment
  • To be done in Sketch Book Provided
  • The paper size is 14” by 17”
  • Drawing needs to be done in a full gray scale range
  • A MINIMUM 1” border needs to be drawn - 100% black thru 100% white
  • Subject matter will require a vertical or
  • Shadows indicate light source horizontal layout
  • Develop darks, grays and highlights
  • Utilize Creative Composition
  • Final Drawing should NOT be cut down
  • Look at the details and explore what ACTUAL see
  • Needs to be a minimum of 4 to 6 hours spent on this drawing


Each Final Drawing is worth 100pts with 2-3 assignments each Quarter... in all this will end up to be about 300 points of your marking period grade! Please keep in mind that EVERY week you will have a 10 point Progress Check. This is ALWAYS due BY FRIDAY. Every 2 to 3 weeks you will have a completed large scale themed drawing due.

How to Begin

Begin with a sketch as learned in class. A sketch is a quick drawing done with a SEARCHING LINE to get a feel of the shape and layout of the subject. All drawings need to show a complete gray scale, from the lightest areas of white to the darkest areas of black. It is important that you spend a solid amount of time on these projects. Most of these themed drawings will be used in your college portfolio.

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1st - Begin with a sketch - a quick drawing done
with a SEARCHING LINE; also remember
Creative Composition
Next - You will need to begin rendering vlaues
& textures; Refer to your Value Scale
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